Hot Toys Justice League – 1/6th scale The Flash Collectible Figure

“Stop right there. I’m in.”

Gaining tremendous popularity in The Flash television series, the character has become widely popular worldwide in recent years. Best known for his superpower of the “Speed Force” that enables The Flash to move in an incredible speed and generate bolts of lightning, a lot of fans can’t wait to see the fastest DC Comics superhero in the forthcoming movie Justice League.

This time, recruited by Bruce Wayne to the Justice League, Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash,will be fighting along with other greatest superhero to stop the devastation from their new villain.

Joining the league in the upcoming blockbuster Justice League by DC Comics, Hot Toys is thrilled to bring to you the 1/6th scale The Flash collectible figure prior to the movie release!

Based on the image of Ezra Miller as The Flash/Barry Allen in Justice League, the figure is sophisticatedly crafted featuring a newly developed helmeted head sculpt, a beautifully designed burgundy colored Flash suit with red and gold armor plates and silver lines, an array of accessories including a Batarang, four lightening effects, and a Justice League themed figure stand.

How cool would it be to own the 1/6th The Flash collectible figure along with other Justice League line-up! Pre-order now before it’s gone!

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