Sideshow Collectibles upcoming Obi Wan Kenobi 1/6 Mythos figure

21688351_904670209685849_7005062217157962345_oStar has the first images of Sideshow Collectibles upcoming Obi Wan Kenobi 1/6 Mythos figure, the first in their 1/6 Figure Mythos line!

It will include “Clone Wars armor atop Obi-Wan’s backpack to Anakin and Qui-Gon’s lightsabers dangling below”

Dan Brooks from held an email interview with Sideshow’s 1/6 Project Manager regarding the new 1/6 line, specifically Obi Wan. Here is his discussion about capturing Obi Wan’s look:

“This was actually my favorite part of this piece, and your question is spot-on. We had originally started by focusing on young Alec Guinness. We gathered reference from many of his older films, as well as images from A New Hope and tried to blend the two together. As we progressed though, it became clear that approaching the likeness this way wasn’t reading as Obi Wan. It was a great likeness of young Alec Guinness, but younger Obi Wan doesn’t look like young Alec Guinness, he looks like Ewan McGregor! From there, it was about finding that balance between aging down Alec Guinness’s features from A New Hope, and adding in some of Ewan McGregor’s features from the end of Revenge of the Sith. It was a challenge, but I really think our sculptors did a great job finding that sweet spot.”

The figure, which was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, will be on display again at New York Comic-Con.

Pre-Orders go live September 21 between 12:00-3:00 Pacific.
The figure will cost $260. 21616222_904670256352511_5429807013680533137_n 21617735_904670213019182_5433331722728815304_n 21687569_904670216352515_962092904493531081_n 21558823_904670249685845_5045285965044039915_n 21616553_904670263019177_2601780143582042122_n 21587369_904704926349044_7348519281061947468_o 21688242_904704929682377_8656171950678932289_o 21752973_904704923015711_6287898662690790379_o 21686821_904704963015707_6549581285037588608_o 21640857_904704959682374_5122598051184693319_o 21640828_904704973015706_671596976499850626_o 21641023_904705009682369_6495947312122634356_o 21762698_904705003015703_7935190721924447291_o 21753444_904705006349036_179884456910968534_o 21752913_904705069682363_3746774774581184276_o 21762463_904705066349030_5181778393985741582_o 21688096_904705083015695_6398595355125512098_o 21765802_904705119682358_4301976192348655633_o 21641105_904705133015690_6955149968297788028_o 21688178_904705136349023_4499023847202295737_o