Figma Bloodborne /血源詛咒 狩人 価格 8,800円


367 figma 獵人

Figma Bloodborne /血源詛咒 狩人

価格 8,800円
メーカー Max Factory



  • 使用能容易擺出姿勢且不易滑動的figma獨創關節零件,再現劇中的各種場景。
  • 重點部分使用軟材質,確保平衡與可動性。
  • 內附配件「鋸齒柴刀」與「狩獵短槍」。
  • 鋸齒柴刀可如劇中般變形成長柄柴刀。
  • 商品包含能支援各種場景的附可動支架figma專用台座。

367 figma Hunter

Let the Hunt Begin.

From the PlayStation®4 action RPG “Bloodborne” comes a figma of the Hunter!

  • The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes.
  • A flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
  • Both the Saw Cleaver and Hunter Blunderbuss are included as weapons for him to wield.
  • The Saw Cleaver can be transformed into the extended cleaver mode just like in the game.
  • An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

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