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[玩具報告] Hot Toys Diecast War Machine Mk II (Iron Man 3 Ver.) Kuma Report

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Got the full breakdown article and gallery up for the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 version of the diecast War Machine Mk II up on Kuma Style. ... k-2-iron-man-3-ver/

Per normal the article breaks the figure down by section but overall I gave this one a 7/10. It's certainly a solid figure but it being so undersized and generally underwhelming accessory wise compared the the Mks I and III makes it a bit bland when factored in with the more toned down aesthetic. On the plus side, of the three it's definitely the most fun and easy to play with and pose with the most wide ranges in terms of movement.

Here are a few pictures from the gallery portion of the article;

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呢隻野最搞笑係以為出到個Non-Iron Patriot 既配色做Special Edition。之後AOU 電影入面真係出番。
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