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[新品消息] BIG Chief Studios 新品:1/6 《Gladiator/角鬥士》- 馬克西姆斯

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BIG Chief Studios are proud to release the first fully authorized collector figure of Maximus Decimus Meridius, the Roman general who became a slave, the slave who became a gladiator.
With the death of emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Empire is thrown into chaos. Before his untimely death, the emperor entrusts Maximus, one of the Roman army's most capable generals, to be his successor. When the emperor's corrupt son Commudus instead declares himself emperor, Maximus is betrayed and is set to be executed and his family killed. He escapes, but is captured by slave traders and is forced to become a gladiator. Maximus must fight to the death alongside other slaves for the amusement of paying audiences. Known as "The Spaniard", Maximus' battle skills serve him well and he becomes one of the most famous and admired men to fight in the Colosseum. Maximus the gladiator challenges the new emperor's rule, determined to avenge himself against Commodus the man who murdered his family and stole his freedom.

Featuring a fully realized likeness of Russell Crowe in his defining role, the figure is clothed in his gladiatorial armor and comes complete with multiple weapons.
Produced in a worldwide limited edition of only 2000 pieces, each figure is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

License                 Gladiator
Type                    Sixth Scale Figure
Manufacturer        BIG Chief Studios

The Spaniard Sixth Scale Figure specially features:

    One (1) Maximus “The Spaniard” Gladiator Portrait featuring a fully realized likeness of Russell Crowe
    One (1) Anatomix Newly Developed Muscle Body with over 30 points of articulation
    One (1) Authentically Styled and Tailored Costume including:
    One (1) Tunic
    One (1) Loincloth
    One (1) Pair of Fabric Suede Effect Lace-up Boots
    One (1) Necklace
    One (1) Themed Display Base
    Eight (8) Interchangeable Hands
    One (1) Themed Display Base


    Battle of Carthage Costume:
    Breastplate Armour with Sculpting Detailing
    Backplate Armour
    Left Shoulder Pauldron (Black)
    Left Bicep Chainmail with Strap
    Chainmail Skirt
    One (1) Wearable Helmet
    One (1) Roman Spear
    One (1) Roman Shield
    Battle of Morocco
    Leather Effect Torso Armour Cingulum
    Left Shoulder Pauldron (Brown)
    Leather Effect Belt
    Wrist Gauntlet
    One (1) Sword

Expected to Ship               Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

    Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.

Product Size                    12" H (304.8mm)*
Product Weight                2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)*
Dimensional Weight         TBD
Int'l Dim. Weight             TBD

    * Size and weight are approximate values. Learn more

SKU                               902979
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