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[新品消息] Asmus Toys The Lord of the Ring trilogy Boromir

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The Steward-prince of Gondor and the captain of the White Tower - Boromir is here to make his presence for the bond of fellowship.
Proudly presented to you by Asmus Toys, the 1/6th scaled limited edition collectible action figure of Boromir from the epic The Lord of the Ring trilogy. The figure features the movie accurate costume down to the finest detail of patterns on the strip of his leather coat. The coat is also made in our own Premium Leather to ensure the top notch quality.
Accessories such as sword, dagger, buttons ...etc are made in real metal to truthfully enhance the realism of the figure.
The most special thing of Asmus' Boromir is that we will offer both Rooted hair(LOTR017H) and Sculpted hair (LOTR017Q) versions, that you may order upon your preference. Please noted the rooted hair version is slighter more costly as it requires extra process to shape the hair style. Other than that, both versions are exactly the same in very way.
This gesture is our way to show you how much we care each and every collectors' wish, and within our skill and capability, we will do our best to fulfill them.
Lets keep the fire of pursuing an ultimate action figure burning !!

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bigtomm 發表於 11-6-2017 02:22 AM

魔戒遠征隊其中一人,亦係最早及唯一一個拎便當既角色,依家訂asmus 既魔戒figure 真係好似賭大細一樣,因為好多時大貨同個樣都有出入,但現貨又小,唔訂就較難搵現貨買
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