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[Sideshow] 《妖魔大鬧唐人街(1986)》-Jack Burton/傑克·波頓 可動人偶

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“Everybody relax. I’m here”
Sideshow brings you an epic blast from the past with our all new Sixth Scale tribute to the wise-crackin’ and self-assured legend that is the one-and-only Jack Burton!
Played by Kurt Russell in the blockbuster action-comedy Big Trouble in Little China, Jack Burton is headstrong, arrogant and impulsive. A fast talking truck driver who considers himself something of an amateur philosopher, he travels the highways, ranting his cool-guy mantras into his CB Radio while hauling hogs in his big rig – The Porkchop Express.
But, after losing a bet to his buddy Wang Chi, and encountering a merciless street gang known as The Lords of Death, this witless (but kinda charming) lunkhead finds himself caught up in a shadowy underworld of nefarious plots, ancient spirits, immortal villains and mystical forces.
Joining up with a team of wizards and warriors, and armed with little more than his trusty knife and his winning smile, Jack sets out to save the day, rescue the girls (and his truck!) and defeat the evil magician Lo Pan – and look damn good while doing it!
John Carpenters movie masterpiece Big Trouble in Little China and its hapless hero Jack Burton have a very special place in our hearts here at Sideshow. Our new Sixth Scale figure is more than a piece of nostalgia to us, it’s a loving homage to one of the funniest and most endearing action heroes of a generation!

“Oh my God, no! Please! What is that? Don’t tell me!”
And if this wasn’t enough awesomeness for you, we’ve also created a miniature version of one of our favorite creatures from the movie – found hovering along the tunnels underneath the Wing Kong Exchange while spying for his master Lo Pan, it’s the floating eyeball monster known simply as “The Guardian”.
This highly detailed sculpt of this weird and wonderful wandering monster is supplied with his own “floating” support, allowing him to be displayed next to Jack.
The perfect addition to any horror or movie memorabilia collection, and an awesome gift for any Big Trouble in Little China fan, this is one Sixth Scale Figure you don’t want to miss!
Joe Allard (Design)
J Park, Tim Niver (Sculpt)
MJ Kim, Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
Wan Lee, Namhoon Kim (Paint)
Mijin Namgung (Cut & Sew)
The Sideshow Design & Development Team

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個樣唔太似Kurt russell
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the monster paint very good.
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This is fantastic! Must get!
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