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[3A/ threezero] Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter

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Here is something we been working on here at threezero! Full reveal and info tomorrow morning!


現在開発中の物です…! 詳細は明日の朝発表!

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OK............ Dig my money out!! Three0!!
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咩故事?oh no........
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looking forward to this!
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Just a few pics for your viewing.

發表於 13-8-2014 23:19:37 | 顯示全部樓層
首先講明,我唔知呢個人物嘅出處,就咁睇,覺得個初辦好似個D Ironman  MK乜乜,MK物物咁嘅樣!
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發表於 14-8-2014 13:39:58 | 顯示全部樓層
From Threezero facebook:

We been working for a while now with extremely talented Dan LuVisi to create Gabriel from his comic's graphic novel L.M.S: Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. Gabriel—last of a genetically engineered breed of supersoldiers known as the Paladin, genetically created and designed to be physically perfect, Gabriel is the closest to a God we’d ever see. Highly intelligent, fast, powerful and not to mention nearly invincible, Gabriel had one purpose, and one only: to help win a war that the humans of earth could not.

This July we were excited to present LMS Gabriel prototype sample at SDCC and want to share these photos with you. LMS Gabriel collectibles is around 13.5" (around 34cm) tall.

Dan LuVisi biography:
Dan LuVisi is an artist currently residing in sunny Southern California. After working as an illustration and conceptual designer for several companies such as Microsoft, 20th Century FOX, Universal, DC Comics and more, Dan decided to venture onto a new project which would soon become LMS: Last Man Standing.

After releasing LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter in 2010, Dan has been working away on several new IPs and continuing to build the world of LMS, with the upcoming first volume, Welcome To Amerika, coming out at the end of 2014.

He's also very in love with his two cats.

Dan is now putting together Section 9 Entertainment with his business partner Stephan Lokotsch, and several other artists in hopes of building new worlds and IPs for the years to come.

You can find more about Dan LuVisi, his art and L.M.S: Last Man Standing on his website:

Or right here on Facebook:

Dan LuVisi on Instagram:

為大家介紹一個我們秘密開發中的新作:Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter。

由鬼材Dan LuVisi原創的圖像小說作品。故事講述一個賞金獵人Gabriel:他是最後一個倖存的超級戰士(聖騎士),利用基因工程將自己進化成為一個高度智能,體能,速度與力量都大幅強化的超級戰士!甚至可稱為最接近神的男人!而他的目的只有一個:就是為全人類贏得場不可能戰勝的戰爭!

在此為大家分享於今年7月舉行的SDCC中,我們threezero展示的Last Man Standing原模。

Dan LuVisi 簡介

居住在陽光明媚的南加州藝術家,曾擔任Microsoft, 20th Century FOX, Universal, DC Comics 等機構擔任插畫及概念設計。在得到豐富創作經驗後Dan LuVisi決定開展一個新計劃:LMS: Last Man Standing。

2010年當LMS:Killbook of a Bounty Hunter發表後,Dan LuVisi 一直於不同機構工作,並繼續創作LMS的世界。計劃於2014年底推出LMS第一冊《Welcome To Amerika》。


現在,Dan LuVisi 將繼續與他合作了9年的夥伴Stephan Lokotsch及其他藝術家一同創作,用創作展開想像以外新的境界。

更多關於Dan LuVisi作品介紹及Last Man Standing故事背景可到他的官方網站:


7月のSDCCで発表されたガブリエルのプロトタイプをご紹介! ガブリエルは、アーティスト ダン・ルヴィシによるグラフィック・ノベル作品『Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter(ラスト・マン・スタンディング: キルブック・オブ・ア・バウンティ・ハンター)』、通称LMSに登場するキャラクターです。フィギュアは全高13.5インチ(約34cm)となる予定です。(画像の物はプロトタイプで、最終版ではありません)

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本帖最後由 toys991 於 15-8-2014 09:43 AM 編輯

出左 robocop 2014 先講啦.........
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本帖最後由 jedi 於 15-8-2014 09:53 AM 編輯

被稱為最接近神的男人 ? .......但咁多武器鎗械, 又成個機械人咁款.......

用這種外號 ....... 我個人認為以輸左大半, 加上這幾年 IRONMAN 咁盛行, 現又食人水尾 .........輸埋個半啦 .......
個D"刀" "鎗"......又無新意.......抄抄埋埋.......又夾著出當一碟新菜.....

最接近神的男人 .........除非個個"神"都系機械人啦 TF老變.........
發表於 15-8-2014 09:56:51 | 顯示全部樓層
設定ok,但太多IM之後再搞就比人覺得無咁特別,仲整支國旗加入埋avengers 3都得
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本帖最後由 chiman0123 於 15-8-2014 10:02 AM 編輯

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