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[個人收藏] SmartDoll 001 - Mirai Suenaga

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Hello Readers ~

Thanks for taking your time to take a quick look at my girl Smart Doll 001 Mirai Suenaga by Culture Japan,
She was ordered in mid June and she just arrived today afternoon, Shipping from Japan to Hong Kong took around 2-3 weeks,
I paid around 58,000 Japanese yen for her. As mentioned in another post, I started 60cm doll collection since last year April.

Without further wait lets take a look at some un-boxing ~

Express Mail Service

The packaging is really neat and tidy as always from Japan, the box is smaller than I expected,
but inside is what's count ! ^^

Culture Japan Hiragana learning card

First thing found was a hiragana learning card straight from the box, an addition to my collection as well ~

Real packaging

The packaging is reduced to minimum, there not much to it, just a clear plastic box with an envelope in front
and inside the envelope ~


A Thank you card signed by Danny himself, actually it was said that all Mirai is Designed, Assembled and made in Japan


Very very clean nicely folded into a clear plastic bag, open it and you can smell the fresh air from Japan

Naked body with Towel hiding her

This is Mirai herself with towel hiding all her important parts ~

Pure Cuteness ~~

Her face up is really really well done ~ specially the eyes, it feels really different to Vo*ks DD, it seems deeper and clearer

Dressed up

Sorry guys, didn't want to show her naked body, as this is reserved only for me ! xD !!!

Family members ~

Mirai ~ Yukino ~ Saber ~ Sakuya my 4 lovely girls ~

Another Family shot

That orange contrasting on the maid outfit, juicy !

Another look at the face up

Set up

This is actually my room set up with my lovely lovely girls

Ok Guys ~ I didn't get much time with her as I just finished work.

Also my first post with photos here in ToysDaily hope you guys like it! let me know what you think!

Have a good evening !

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LAST 果張, 仲以為係1 : 1 DOLL
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 樓主| 發表於 30-6-2014 23:26:48 | 顯示全部樓層
Overall I'm really happy to receive Mirai, but I must tell you guys, the quality of DollfieDreams are still superior,
DD has better materials and it just feels like a more high end doll. Not that I'm complaining about Smart Dolls,
I really love the face up and I've always been a fan of Danny's characters.

The second doll announced is Kizuna Yumeno, which I'm also consider getting by the end of this year. Other characters haven't hit me yet...
Sorry for typing all in english I have a big problem typing in chinese >,< please forgive me ~

But yeah shes as sweet as candy
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Gundam6j 發表於 30-6-2014 23:08

想問下邊度店舖/ 邊個website可提供訂購?
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