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[3A/ threezero] 3A Toys - Iron Man

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From ThreeA Production Blog:


I thought I would share some prototype images of our IRON MAN with you guys ( We have some nifty colorways to show you soon ) I’m having a killer time designing Marvel Universe characters, getting to play with iconic characters is pretty amazing. I still remember reading IRON MAN 200 as a kid, dreaming of being a Marvel comic artist etc, never did I think I would have a toy company and the chance to make my own! I should mention that Marvel has been nothing but supportive and hands-off, I’ll tell you that its a rare thing with such popular and well known characters! After Iron Man we have Doc Doom, Ultron and Spiderman and his Pal, actually many more, but I wanna keep some surprises!

Ill have much more info on Iron Man and what he do soon!!

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好似帶左頂睡帽, 着住條規佬褲既麻甩..................
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1968 ironman,maybe my first 3a~~
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本帖最後由 加爾貓 於 15-11-2013 05:34 PM 編輯

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如果今次3a出得好又賣得到, 咁可能日後出多幾款舊ironman, 搞下搞下, 到時又出埋呢兩年電影版果幾隻 (real steel 出得好, 佢要出鋼鐵人應該冇難度)

咁唔知其他廠, 會唔會襯熱鬧, 又出一堆呢....?
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looking good can't wait!
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舊咩舊, Just based on comics, 公仔書就係似人著衫咁, 不過 pretty good ah~
唔該, 我要"出掌"~
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Comic version I like....
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"After Iron Man we have Doc Doom, Ultron and Spiderman and his Pal, actually many more" 有啲期待..!
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so interesting...........
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