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[新品消息] 1/6 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo by Tamiya 已可預定!

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1/6 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo by Tamiya 已可預定!雖然跟電影有點出入,將就一下的話. 我的DXT800終于有坐駕,預定今年十一月派貨.
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Product Description
This item is an injection-plastic motorcycle kit.  
An all-new big-scale bike from Tamiya!
First, a word about the real Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo, from Harley-Davidson themselves:
Fat Custom Style
Recalling the "hardtail" choppers of the 60s and 70s, the Fat Boy Lo model keeps that heritage alive more than forty years later. It shows a darker side of the original "fat custom" bike—laid-back and blacked-out with an unmistakable profile on the road. But the nostalgic style isn't just about the confident stance, paint and old-school detail. It's how you look riding it. It's how it feels. It's the classic, relaxed riding position that speaks volumes. You're not just cruising. You're in charge—kicked back on a throne of machined metal surveying your domain.
And now a word about the kit, from HLJ:
The first all-new big-scale bike kit from Tamiya in 17 years! That's right; this is an all-new tooling. Thanks to their usual excellent research, Tamiya nails all the details, from the big V-Twin engine to the classic Fat Boy form. Suspension and pedals operate, and the kit will include wiring and hoses. The big bike is back!
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ching, where can I order??
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係唔係同款但唔同年代?  因為對比下都幾多唔同... 模型的好像比較新款
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Oh.... 我架 Testors 改得好辛苦的.......不過唯一可安慰的是Testors比呢架仔細d!!
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Where can order?thanks~~~
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真係比我估中,之前我入 1/4 Harley 果陣都話孖星會再出,不過宜家係出新款。
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ching 請問可以去邊道訂?好有興趣買!thx
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好想買來比Black widow座~~~~~~~~~~~~
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hobby search Japan可定,1萬5千3百円. 有Reward point
可惜Hobby link Japan 開定時我在hobby search 的order confirm 了,一萬四千四百円,不設point reward
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Oldcat 發表於 19-8-2013 08:46 PM

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