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[新品消息] BLITZWAY新品13 李小龍Bruce Lee - 逝世40週年致敬版全身像

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BLITZWAY新品13 李小龍Bruce Lee - 逝世40週年致敬版全身像
Bruce Lee 40th Anniversary Tribute Statue
License : Bruce Lee Enterprises LLC.
Product No. : BW-ISS0720
Product  Type : Infinite Scale Statue_ Hybrid Type
Product  Size :  Approximately15” W (380mm) x 14.1”L (360mm) x 28” H (710mm)
Product  Weight : Approximately 14 Kg (Including Package)
Dimension (Shipping Box) : Approximately 21” W (540mm) x 21” L (540mm) x 31” H (800mm)
Release : September 2013
Limited Edition : TBD
Pre-order  period : TBD
(Pre-order period may be closed early without  prior notice .)
1. Head/Hair : PVC & Magnet
2. Body : Skin effect  PolyStone & Magnet
3. Hands : Skin effect  PolyStone & Magnet (2 Right hands, 1 Left hand)
4. Shoes : PVC & Fabric with working shoelaces
5. Nunchaku : PVC, Metal, Rope cord and concealed magnets
6. Nunchaku case : Fabric
7. Bamboo cane : ABS plastic
8. Bracelet : Metal
9. Diorama base :
Type 1. Limited Gold Version ? Polystone & PVC with gold effect plating & etched steel plate
Type 2. Limited Classic Version -  Polystone & PVC with Wooden & etched steel plate
10. Costume : Fabric
11. Bruce Lee Name-plate : Alloy & Gold effect plating
12. Package : Full color EPP & Paper package
The 40th Anniversary Bruce Lee Figure is produced by Master sculptor, Arnie Kim as artistic director for Bruce Lee Enterprises and BLITZWAY to commemorate the anniversary of his passing.
1. By the first try of PVC head emission color with half-transparent real painting on big-scale statue, the producing a real statue that is valuable to possess is expressing more delicate and realistic eye painting, skin, texture than the previous Polystone statue that is opaque and simple painting.
This is the very first of our statues featuring a PVC portrait, showcasing BLITZWAY’s new semi translucent skin effect with super realistic life like painting. This new technique allows for a far superior finish compared to traditional Polystone, with more delicate and subtle detailing not only on the coloration and textures of the skin, but also on the clarity of the eyes.  We are confident you will be very impressed!
2. The Costume, Nunchaku, Shoes, and Bamboo cane are perfect realizations of the movie seen accessories, and were painstakingly researched to capture every detail.
3. Diorama base is crafted based on a story of wooden pagoda of
'Palsangjeon'  that  is a film motif in Korean temple which is ‘Beopjusa’.
4. The hands and bodies skin coloration is not merely painted onto the surface like previous statues with a solid opaque layer, instead BLITZWAY have created them in Polystone with a new ‘life like’ finish to give the statue unparalleled levels of realism.
5. The nunchaku and armpit have magnets concealed internally, making it simple to create iconic poses when using the weapon.
6. The extra right hand can be posed in different positions with the nunchaku, and is also able to hold the bamboo cane for alternative displays.
Pre-order Special Reward
*Orders placed during the pre-order period will receive a special gift. The reverse of the nameplate will be engraved with the name of the purchaser (limited to 20 characters in English), the serial number will also be laser engraved in the numerical release order.
Making this a truly unique figure for each pre-order customer, the Bruce Lee 40th Anniversary Tribute Statue will be yours to treasure forever.
* Orders placed after the pre-order period, will receive exactly the same product, but without the customers’ name engraved.
* Gold Version-Diorama bases are an exclusive limited edition run of just 100 pieces, made exclusively for Bruce Lee Enterprises which can be found at
Creative Producer : Won Choi
Art Director : Arnie Kim
Creative Director : K
Sculpt & Paint : Arnie Kim
Diorama Base Design : Arnie Kim
Diorama Base Modeling : 5Pro Studio , APEX
Marketing : Won Choi
Production Management : K
Photographer : Sui Park
Editor of Photography : Hongbaksa
Costume Design : Mr. King
Package Design : Hongbaksa
Accessories Modeling : APEX
Manufactured by : BLITZWAY

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