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[新品消息] Ax2 Studio: BOOM! SERIES #2- Rei

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US$245 now....
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連LOGO 個DESIGN 都好3A FEEL,好心唔好學人講〔原創〕啦!

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US$245 now....
dreamtoys 發表於 19-2-2013 06:09 PM

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剛剛睇到, 轉自Ax2 Blog

It was 14th of February 2013, we have 1st announced the sale of our 2nd project, Boom! Series No.2 - Rei.

Two weeks later, we are here to thank you all for the tremendous support.
It really means a lot to this team, besides just simply thank you all through words, we would also like to demonstrate our gratitude through actions.

For the 100 sets special price buyers, we offer:
- Each will receive AX2 10 dollars gift card

For the buyers who purchased Rei with original price, we offer:
- 13% of chance Random Chase,
- Each will receive AX2 25 dollars gift card.

All above special offers are only applicable to direct order through our online store.

We hope you like the way we showing appreciation,
-Ax2 Studio
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