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[玩具報告] 平成第一人:ULTRAMAN TIGA + 1CG

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Very Good
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本帖最後由 hades79 於 10-3-2010 04:05 AM 編輯

I also bought it. But still not yet open and play it. I also noticed that the paint works are really bad during choosing the box

Overall quite dissappointed with PBM for such bad painting QC. The worst is that we are actually paying more for a lousy paintwork QC made by PBM

I rather this Tiga is released by Medicom itself. At least the paintwork never dissappoint me till now except for the pose restrictions issue.

Hopefully Zero, Belial & Mebius will improve its QC when it release. If not, it is really a shame to PBM :31:
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回復 18# hades79
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