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[劇場創作] 賀 TD 再生, body black market TOY STORY!

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最近入佐3件1/6嘢, 突然有feel影個故仔

如果覺得故事太長或者太悶....好抱歉 免費嘅嘢係咁嘅啦...同埋只得英文同版
here you go...一個關於黑市波D 的故事

marcus: brother. today you are finally free from cell, you are no longer a prisoner.
i have a surprise for you!

sam: you always treat me so well my dear brother...

marcus: lets check out what i have prepared for you.
i have an appointment with tony now, i think he will be here soon.

marcus: hi tony! you are abit late.
tony: marcus, i'm sorry for that, i received too many orders recently. it's kinda busy now you know?
marcus: where is our stuff?

tony: be patient, young man...i never break my promise, i have chosen the best quality one for your beloved brother!
but, please show me the money first. ok?

marcus: here you go. i need to check it out immediately, be fast ok?
tony: no problem...i will ask my bodyguard to show you the stock right now

tony: quickly go bring it over here...
joker:yes sir!

joker: here is your order. our latest african body, best in the market!
sam: What the????

sam: are you trying to fool with me! didn't you see i'm a white guy?
joker: hey.. i don't care you r black or white. i juz follow my order!

marcus: bastard! you have got my pay, but simply give me a cheap black body...!
tony: take it easy, this is completely based on your request, a latest male body, mint in box!

mj: hey tony, i have been seeking for you for few hours! you said that we should meet up at Toyhunters
but you never show there...luckily i made a call to your friend, wolvie. he said you are here!

marcus: what is happening here? i'm confused! tony! could you please explain all these!
sam: who is this weird guy!???
tony: err...i'm not sure what is happening here...

mj: hey...didnt you remember that you should deliver me a black body today, i have made all my payment through paypal
tony: Oh really?

tony: ya! i remember! you are right! i'm sorry for that, i have too many orders recently
i think thats my mistake

mj: whatever, as long as my zombie head finds a proper body today, i don't care anything!
zombie:  i need a body now...
mj: don't worry my dear, i will fix it for you right now.

mj: so...this is the black body? looks great... open it right now.

joker: well, as you wish...

african: i feel like have been sleeping for a long time. where am i now? why am i naked?

mj: do you like his new body? my dear
zombie: oh yes, it is just perfect!
african: what you guys are going to do on me???

wolvie: now is my turn

african: it is not fair.... i'm dying...

mj: well done wolvie, you are still fast and fury!
wolvie: well, i think i just do what i need to do.

tony: i have asked joker to put the suit on this body. what to you think mj?
mj: excellent, i'm amazed by your customer service!

tony: let me help you to finish the last part, i will put your beloved zombie head into this ultimate black body

mj: weee... you look sexy, my dear zombie!
zombie: yeah! finally we can dance together!

tony; i'm pretty sure you are 100% satisfied by my new product!
mj: of course, i will find you again if i need another body!
tony: cool!

wolvie: hmmm....only 4 heads today, i still need another one to hit my target!

mj: cause this is thriller! thriller night!!!
zombie: thriller...thriller...thriller...
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marcus: so... what about us now?
sam: i can't wait for any longer! give me the new body.
tony: i have checked with joker, luckily, we actually did bring the body that you are looking for
joker! please bring it over here.

tony: hopefully this is what you are expecting
sam: please don't disappoint us again! else i'm gonna sue you for sure!

tony: open it right now!
joker: yes sir!

wolvie: hehe, i think i will have enough units for today. one more head is mine! nuff said

marcus: yes! this is it!
sam: it looks just awesome!
tony: so...are you guys happy now???

wolvie: what!??? where is the head???

wolvie: damn, i'm fooled by you tony!
tony: i didn't mention it comes with a head, sorry my gotta find another head from somewhere else.
wolvie: tony! u suck!...

tony: this is the best body in the world for you, young man!
sam: yes!!! i can't wait to put my head on it!!!
marcus: just do it!

sam: wow...the feeling is just unbeliveable! Awesome!
marcus: finally!
tony: of course, as i mentioned, all my products are the best the world!

sam: i can't wait to go back to brokeback mountain to have a horse ride with you, marcus
marcus: me too.
tony: i'm sure you guys will have a great day there! hehe

marcus: all right! i think i won't like to say thanks to you, but anyway... keep in touch
i look forward to deal with you again.
tony: sorry for the lil mistake.... thanks...glad to deal with you.
come to my office when you have time, i will give you some extra hands or legs if you want.
marcus: sure...

marcus: i think you are not quite used to you new body, i have prepared a trenchcoat for you my bro!
same: are so sweet!

marcus: let me help you put it on
same: i feel so happy now.

marcus: it's time to go back to broke back moutain
sam: let's go now!

joker: hehe, this body can be recycled for our next customer.

joker: sir, you have a package
tony: what's that?...i didn't order any body for myself! open it up and let me see what is inside.
joker: yes sir!

joker: sir, it is a chair!
tony: argh! i think i have problem with my brain now...i just can't remember things now

tony: hmm...i have been waiting for this chair long time ago! the old one sucks.

joker: sir, you look so cool while sitting on it.
tony: of course...

the end....

Cast and Credits

Sam Worthington as Sam
Marcus Wright as Marcus,
Micheal Jackson as MJ,
Zombie Micheal as Zombie,
Gotham's Police Joker as Joker,
Tony Stark as Tony,
Logan Wolverine as Wolvie,

Special Thanks to
Lincoln Burrows,
the African Guy

Directed By: Spawnx
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